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Apollo Team of Medical Professionals:

Our talented and board-certified team of Primary care office offer a broad range of consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to our patients and referring physicians. Our office team has more than 20 years of health care experience.

Dr. Sujata Kambhatla, M.D: Is a board certified physician actively practicing internal medicine in Garden city, Michigan for the last 10 years. Dr. Kambhatla is the President & CEO of Apollo Family Health Services, P.C and has active privileges in Garden city hospital, Oakwood hospitals and St. John hospitals, Michigan.

Dr. Kambhatla also teaches current residents at Garden City Hospital and has received medical training and post-graduate training from Wayne State University, Detroit.

Our patients' care is complemented by our staff, who has an extensive knowledge base primary care internal medicine and is immediately available for questions regarding care and treatment options and help.

Ms. Nicole Fish:

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Ms. Heather Klepper